Monday, February 3, 2014

In the Article Unlearning the Myths That Blind Us by Linda Christensen argues that we are manipulated by the media. She argues that cartoons we watch affect us and how we really don’t think about this when we growing up or watching it.  As she quotes in the reading “ when we read children’s books, we aren’t just reading cute little stories we are discovering the tools with which a young  society is manipulated”. I believe that is true by reading books they are  certain things in the stories such as how we should be or become. I believe it manipulates our behavior towards society.

I believe that something’s   changing from before Disney did not have a black princess now they do. But what is the point of having a black princess if everything is going to stay the same (same story about a princess and love). When I was growing up I wanted to be a princess now that grown I am thinking  to myself that I was naive  for thinking that. I always wonder why didn’t they have a plus size princess. It was always about the skinny princess that got all the good looking guys. I noticed that it was always the big girl to get mistreated why is that? I know because in the media there is a stenotype where all girl have to be skinny in order to be attractive and stay with prince Charming

The picture above shows how the princesses would look as plus sizes including the new edition to the Disney princess the African American princess  

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  1. Great picture and great point about the plus size Disney characters! I agree with you 100% on how there were never any plus size princesses and if there were plus size characters they weren't positive roles. Do not feel as though you were so naive about wanting to be a princess. At that age that was what you were exposed to so it was your human nature to have those thoughts and urges. Remember, they aim to get us when we are at that age! You admitting to it validates what Linda Christensen is attempting to prove in her article. Although I never wanted to be a princess as child, as a teen I thought it would be very amazing to have Princess Jasmines body.