Monday, February 17, 2014

A Tangle of Discourses: Girls Negotiating Adolescence

A Tangle of Discourses: Girls Negotiating Adolescence

“Many grandmothers presumed the characterizations to be fact, with the caveat that some teens, including their grandchildren, are not social problems. Jan suggested that today’s teens are rude and lack respect. Claire said that teens are scary, insolent, promiscuous, spoiled, insufficiently controlled and not religious enough.”

I believe that things are changing. My parents tell me that things are not the same as when they were growing, in some aspect I believe it’s true.  I believe that the media could be blamed but not for all.  Like Claire said “are scary, insolent, promiscuous, spoiled, insufficiently controlled and not religious enough” I don’t believe this is true. In my believe I think it’s all how children are raised and parents have some fault to it. Teens could be controlled it the matter how you handle it. I remember when I was younger if my parents could not afford something I was not getting it. But in the other hand if the parent gives the child everything they want of course they are going to be spoiled. I believe that teens could be controlled it’s the way you speak to  them.

“Beatrice claimed that teens get into more trouble today than they did in the past. Some attributed these problems to wider social tensions and media influence, others lamented the lack of parental discipline.”

I agree with Beatrice teens do get into more trouble now than before but I believe is because there are more things out there. I believe that everything before was hush hush. But now teens do see more things for instance like drugs and violence. But I do believe that kid need to experience certain things in order to grow. I never did any drugs or got into any fights because I knew there were consequences. I knew that I would get disciplined. But some kid get into fight and do a lot of things because they now they are no consequences. But when kid get order they grow out of things and see they are better things to spend their time on.




  1. I agree with you when you said that things are changing for teens today and I believe that how they are raised plays a role in how they act, too, as well as the media. If parents want their child to be more serious about religion, then they can have them attend church each week and make it an important part of their lives.

  2. I think I have to disagree when you say that kids get into trouble for more things today and are experimenting with more things. I think that the point you make about things being more "hush hush" is really important. Maybe teens were doing some of the same things but it wasn't so well known, understood or shared with anyone. Part of me thinks that things are just talked about more often today.

    1. Yeah, I agree. I personally think that the rise in technology has totally helped out with this perception as well. I feel as though the introduction of the camera phone, texting, internet, mobile internet, and social media could all be reasons why there is just soooo much out there.

  3. I agree with you about how teens are sometimes spoiled to the point where parents lose control of their teens. When I was younger, there was little my parents could afford and when they could afford it I would be rewarded with it if I was doing well in scholl.

  4. I liked what you said about parents being part of the problem with their teens behavior. I think this as well as media as well as peer pressure has a lot to do with how teens behave. I also think that teens have to change with the economy and adapt to what is around and available to them.