Monday, May 5, 2014

Hip- Hop

Tricia Rose is  a professor at Brown . she has a BA in sociology and her Ph.D. in American Studies. She was born in New York. I believe that Tricia Rose is a smart woman. By reading and watching her videos it gave me a lot to think about for example, hip-hop.

I would have to agree with Tricia Rose Hip-hop is not dead its underground. Like the reading said. Hip-hop has really changed over the years. The reason for that is because artist like Jay-z has to "dumbed his music down" so that he can sell records. The reason for that has a lot to do with  self-fulfilling prophecy. People now don’t want to hear real hip-hop because they connect it to negative things about the genre. People connect rap to violence but I do not believe it’s true even though some of the themes and lyrics of  rap songs today are violent.  It’s not the reason for violence. People deny that self-fulfilling prophecy doesn’t influence sales, that there's no influence on content. But there's evidence that that's false. “stations used to play a song on average about 40 times a week. It's up to 140 times a week now”.  Now in days rapper want a song that catches audience the more the radio plays their song more that people want to buy the song and even the album. I think in rap and hip-hop is about making the money and not about the music. Artist want to their song to be heard. If the song has a lot of sex talk people just think of that artist as negative. I think that it’s the genre in general  that people have a problem with. As soon as someone says hip-hop or rap automatically thinks it’s bad. I don’t think it people should judge it that way.

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