Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Queer Youth

Reading about queer representation was interesting to me. I do agree that there is a misrepresentation on the LGBTQ community. What’s shown on the media it’s not what LGBTQ  really is about. Most of the representation on the media is based on “queer” but this does not represent the whole LGBTQ community. Most of the time when you do see gay or lesbian representation you see a people that’s upper class, flamboyant and that is good looking. I think that is a bad representation not everyone that is gay or lesbian are not flamboyant. I think what we see on television is all being stereotyped of what a gay or lesbian should be or what straighter film writer think it should be. I believe that everyone comes in different ways. I believe that media could represent other types of gay or lesbian. I have noticed that the media doesn’t do a good job representing the transgender community. I think people need to understand and support transgender person.  

The media representation of love is so wrong. Most of the shows on television about lesbian and gay are about having sex and having multiple partners. I think there is so much about being gay. I think that a person daily life is not portrayed correctly. The struggle of being gay or lesbian being judged on their daily life and not being accepted. I think television needs to focus on to help people understand that love is about two people it doesn’t matter their sex they are.
I do agree that we have had an upgrade because before the LGBTQ weren't even shown on television.

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